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Kirsteen Smith, Supported Accommodation Manager

It’s important to me for the team to create accommodation services of a standard that if a family member were in a situation and needed to use them, we would be happy for them to live there.

I’ve worked at Plus Dane for 12 years, starting out as a Senior Support worker, now as a Supported Accommodation Manager I get the best of both worlds, the challenges of setting up new services, turning services around and the opportunity to support those that use our services. It’s hard work, can be emotional at times but no day is ever the same and its fun! I’m proud to work in a team where everyone cares and will go above and beyond to help people.

I am passionate about ensuring our service users feel welcome, safe and warm from the minute they join us and have the right support in place. Taking the time to understand every resident’s story is so important to me as it helps to understand their needs and tailor the support we provide in a non-judgemental way. Setting small realistic goals with them is key so they are not set up to fail and can celebrate the milestones they achieve.

There is no better feeling than when you see people you have supported move on and regain their ability to live independently. I’ve had service users that have gone on to university, one became a district nurse, another a midwife and one a manager in Tesco... I’ve even been invited to a wedding and a christening!

I couldn’t work for an organisation that is driven by profit for the benefit of shareholders. Working for an organisation with a social purpose, where our ‘profits’ are reinvested for the benefit of people that need it mirrors my personal values. It’s also important to me that there is accountability for the money we do spend on providing products and services for our tenants and customers.

I’m helping Plus Dane achieve its corporate goal around providing products and services that our customers need and can afford. We take continuous improvement really seriously and talk to service users regularly to understand how we can get better…and this is paying off as we see our service users achieving better outcomes all the time.

I love the staff at Ann Conway House, the staff are great, you feel safe and you get to know other residents. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give Ann Conway House 15.

Christopher Hughes
Temporary Accommodation Tenant
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