Jill Burns

Financial Resilience

Jill Burns, Head of Income

Debt can cause so many problems for people. Seeing someone on the brink of losing everything, including their home, is something I hate to see and I really don’t want that for our tenants. It’s why I feel so passionately about doing the job that I do to help people stay out of debt, pay their rent and stay in their homes.

For me it’s not simply about collecting in the money. It’s about our tenants’ well being and happiness and I have saved more people from falling into arrears than I can recall, which is what matters the most to me.

When a customer picks up that phone to tell us they are struggling to pay their rent, I know that it is probably one of the most difficult calls they will ever have to make. That’s why working with the tenant is so important and I do think that when they see how approachable we are it helps to build up trust and understanding. I know we can’t always save everybody, but myself and my team really care about our customers and will do everything in our power to make sure people can stay in their homes.

Knowing that I’m helping people is what gets me up out of bed every morning. I couldn't work for an organisation that doesn't care, or doesn't want to help and support customers.

As an organisation, we need to be financially resilient to keep us in business, to allow us to build more homes and so that we can re-invest money back into our neighbourhoods, which ultimately benefits tenants. I know that my own personal drive to maximise income collection, but doing it with a heart, is helping our organisation stay on financial track and is keeping people safe in their homes.

After some personal issues in my life from which I was worried I was going to lose my home, I contacted Plus Dane and was helped by Jill on a number of occasions. Her advice was instrumental to me being able to solve my issues and she also helped me on a personal level by having a compassionate nature to my situation. I have often shied away from discussing personal issues but Jill made me feel comfortable and gave me the best resolve. I feel she went above and beyond and is a credit to Plus Dane.

Laura Starkey
Plus Dane Tenant
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