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We receive lots of positive feedback from our tenants and customers regarding the products and services we provide. We have recently reviewed our approach to ensuring these compliments are consistently shared with the relevant teams so that colleagues know when customers express their thanks for the service they have received.

The gentleman that came to do the job was absolutely lovely, tidy and a very clean worker who did a beautiful job.

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John attended my property today to repair the kitchen light fitting, he noticed another light was not working while he was here and called through to the office to report it. He repaired both light fittings while he was here then offered to vacuum after he had finished the work. I was so impressed with his work, he’s a credit to Plus Dane.

Pleased to say, I now have a warm apartment again. I was very pleased with Paul who came. His customer service is amazing, explaining to me in laymans terms what the problem was.

Thank you to Carl and the gas team for a wonderful job of fitting a new heating system. Carl is a wonderful person.