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Having reviewed the way that we handle complaints, there has been an increased focus on the efficient management and monitoring of complaints for our tenants and customers. We have worked to provide more support for front line staff; this includes bespoke complaint handling training to enable our staff to resolve issues at the first point of contact. We also consistently monitor our calls to ensure quality and to pick up on any training issues that could help us improve further.

Within the Customer Access Strategy there is a programme of service improvements that we are working to implement to continue to simplify, personalise and provide a consistent and high quality service to our tenants. This includes streamlining existing processes and identifying services that could be automated to provide a greater level of customer service.

  • During 2016/17 we received a total of 749 complaints, an increase of 24% compared to the previous year
  • 225 of these complaints were resolved at the first point of contact, an increase of 30% on the previous year’s results
  • 480 complaints were resolved at the first stage of the complaint, an increase of 49% on 2015/16 results
  • 3 complainants referred their complaint to the Housing Ombudsman
  • 51% of customers were happy with complaint handling and 46% were happy with the outcome of their complaint - both of these figures are slight improvements on the previous year
What you said and what we did

Our complaints policy is unclear about response times

A new complaints policy is being drafted which will make it clearer on response times.

It took far too long for a fire to be replaced

Our processes for replacing fires were reviewed which resulted in further staff training to improve the service.

Repairs that were being scheduled were not being allocated to a relevant member of the trades team resulting in a ‘did not attend’ for those jobs affected.

Our repairs system was reviewed and a fault found which was rectified.

It was unclear that customers would be expected to pay for electricity used when cyclical work was being carried out

Customers are now notified that they may incur an increased electricity bill as a result of planned investment work being carried out, and have the option of requesting workers use an alternative source of power.

A new complaints policy is currently in the process of being developed, taking account of tenant and customer feedback. We have sought input to the development of the policy from Plus Dane Voices, a group of over 600 tenants and customers that regularly provide us with guidance and feedback on all aspects of the business but particularly those aspects that effect tenants.